Emine Tas

President of Association / Migration and Integration Specialist Integration Mediator / Consultant

I have witnessed so many times the pains of thousands of children in countries that have been affected by war and poverty. And i have been embarrassed by the situation in these countries because while the aids that we were distributing were normal basic needs for us for them they were considered luxurious..

One day i believe i can be the light of hope for all children therefore we have established the “ For Children Smile” association.

Tulay Gokcimen

Co-chairwoman / Documentary Director

She shoots documentaries in war,conflict, occupation zone and in disaster-hit areas. Gokcimen is working as humanitarian aid volunteer. She helps refugees.
She is a mother and has 2 children.
Tulay Gokcimen “i must work to instill joy of living in the hearts of children, i must work to empower them so they can strive to live and i must work to make them recognize their basic rights so they can enjoy them.”

Hasret Tas

Management and Project Coordination / Real Estate Manager

“Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person”

What could be more beautiful than giving child “a smile “as a gift? Children are the future of all people in the world. Every child is entitled to grow in a healthy and safe environment.
For this reason i have been working for victimized, oppressed, lonely and needy children since 2017.

Pemba Murik

Project Coordinator / CEO Pemba Murik Consulting

I don’t believe what we own will bring happiness unless we share them with others. Sharing is beautiful. If my children are smiling today then i must make other children also smile.

Hacer Ahmedoğlu

Project Worker and Coordinator / Pharmacist

She worked as a volunteer on different projects for the children in Turkish NGOs.

She worked as a coordinator of the projects for orphan children of South Asian countries for almost 3 years in an international Turkish NGO.
Currently she is working as a pharmacist and she is volunteer
in humanitarian aid.

Children are the most vulnerable and the most important group in society. Especially those children who are living in war zone and disaster-hit areas are more likely to be exposed to many dangers. It is our duty to protect and carry them into a better future.